Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture


Core values

"Respect for people", "Dedication", "Innovation", "High efficiency".

"Respect" is the “Tonghui label” spirit of enterprise, its essence is the social commitment benevolence thought and humanism. "Benevolence" is mainly reflected in the company concerned about the staff's work, life, thinking, and promote the harmony between employees and enterprises, the establishment of a talent, ease of mind and humane working atmosphere and environment. "Humanism" is mainly reflected in the "human dignity and the value of man". "Respect" of embodied respect their personality and dignity, respect for employees to create value, promote fair competition, continue to give employees challenging work target and broad space for development, to achieve a win-win situation of enterprises and employees. We want to make every employee's career and personal life quality sustainable growth continued to increase in the "Tonghui label". Respect for the external performance of the specific respect for customers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, creditors and other external public, that respect their needs and economic interests. Especially for the customer to reflect the humane care in products and services; the concrete manifestation is the real investment, human supremacy, excellence, single-hearted, seeking truth from facts.

"Dedication" is a strong sense of responsibility, sense of honor, dedication to work. "Dedication" is a "Tonghui label" every employee to enterprise's deep feelings and noble sense of mission.The specific requirements and occupation morals, work ethic, value orientation, dedication is precious wealth accumulated by the development of “Tonghui label”or many years, is now and in the future to instruct every Hui trademark" staff code of conduct. The specific requirements of the work is "deep end, due diligence, continuous learning, continuous improvement".

"Innovation" is a profound and lasting sense of crisis, continuous learning, and constantly open up, never satisfied with the spirit of innovation. "Innovation" is the "common trademark" the soul of the development, in the era of fierce competition, innovation ability determines the success or failure of the enterprise. No innovation will be eliminated, not innovation will die.

"Efficient" is that all employees and the entire company through efficient work, to achieve good social and economic benefits.

Business philosophy

Competitive innovation - innovation and change, a half step ahead;

Scientific integrity -- the science and technology enterprise, integrity management;

Warm service - service first, treat people sincerely;

The company quality policy

Superior quality - we control the quality of products with high standards;

First class products - we provide customers with the value of the product;

Sincere service - we sincerely, dedicated service in exchange for customer satisfaction;

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Corporate Culture
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